Size Matters

If you’re buying a Pendant or Chandelier to hang over a Dining Room table how big should it be? An easy guideline is to measure the width of your table and subtract 24”. If your table is 42″ wide, the Pendant or Chandelier should be 18″ wide. How simple is that?
Okay, so how do you determine the size of a Pendant or Chandelier in other rooms? Piece of Cake! Measure the room from corner to corner diagonally across the room. This dimension in feet should equal the fixture diameter or width in inches. Round inches up or down to the nearest foot. For instance, if the room measures 40′ 7 ½” diagonally then you should buy a 41″ diameter fixture.
Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Your own sense of style plays an important part in selecting lighting that suits your space too.
Please don’t hang your Pendant or Chandelier too low or too high! Look at the fixture while you are standing and sitting before it is permanently installed, so you can be certain it won’t obstruct views and that you aren’t going to bump your head on it. If your fixture is installed too high off the floor – it won’t feel right, it won’t provide adequate illumination, and will bother you constantly until it’s fixed.
The light fixture in the room pictured below makes me a bit uncomfortable – do you feel it too? It’s a gorgeous glass fixture, (our Bijoux Pendant) but it appears to be too small for the room and isn’t hung in the right spot. It is installed in our Boston Showroom so it’s also an exception to the rule. Sometimes you just have to work with what you’ve got.