Seattle U – Gets a Redo!

Mesher Shing Assoc. and Kennedy Architects asked Charles Loomis to design new fixtures for Seattle University’s Campion Ballroom. The Ballroom was used for a variety of functions – and needed updating to increase its revenue potential. The fixtures wanted to make the room look like a ballroom but they also needed to be sturdily built, energy efficient, dimmable, and close to the ceiling for presentations and for more rowdy student events – involving sticks.

  • Because there were many people with opinions involved, we needed to design a concept and submit presentation drawings for approval. Once the concept was approved, we arranged for key decision makers to view a mockup of the proposed fixture. Originally, the designers wanted the Pendant’s diffusers to be clear fritted glass with blown glass bubbles cascading through the center. Then, it was decided the center glass should be ribbed cones. The preliminary mockup illustrated above incorporated this change. Further fixture changes and refinements were made as the interior finish details became more defined.

  • Here are before and after pictures of the space. Before, It was drab and outdated and didn’t look much like a ballroom. Now, it is colorful, warm, and functions as a ballroom as well as an attractive space for less formal events. Mike Harnden, with Rafn Company – the General Contractor on the project, had tight deadlines to meet to install new coves in the ceiling for the chandeleirs as well as update air systems. He did a great job! Dan Salinas, of Nelson Electric worked with us on every detail of the fixture design to ensure his crew could install them all in three days. They did it! Everyone worked together to meet design goals, budgets, and deadlines. We gave Seattle University a great finished product that addressed and exceeded their needs.

    One last note — the dangley glass in the middle of the pendant changed yet again due to fears the people with sticks might break them. They are now made of tempered glass. The stick people can whack at them to their hearts content – and they won’t break