Brown Poodle – Makes Light Work

When you’re a part of the design world you can become a bit stuffy and self-important – it just happens. Working with high-profile people on grand projects is pretty heady stuff. A gentle, scruffy, super soft, amiable, brown standard poodle brings us back to earth. Ziggy’s arrival was unexpected and initially frowned upon. One day we came work to find a brown fur ball peering at us from under an employee’s desk. His stay was “temporary” but he soon earned a place in our hearts and our company. Ziggy has a special relationship with each of us. He makes his daily rounds. People once afraid of dogs dress him up, play tug-of-war, and take him for walks. He cavorts with people in the shop until they shut him in the office. He is an unabashed thief that regularly swipes lunches, and snacks from distracted employees. Ziggy’s goofy personality makes us laugh and eases tension and stress brought on by the tough economy. He knows who needs him and shares his love with all of us. We design and manufacture lighting fixtures – Ziggy lights up our lives.