Design Inspires Designs

New Stix Pendant DesignNew Stix Pendant DesignCan you imagine how fun it is to work with Architects and Interior Designers? I can tell you — it is Terrific!! Their creativity is absolutely amazing.
It seems Designer’s inspiration juices really kick into high gear whenever we introduce a new lighting fixture design. Sooner or later, they call to ask if they can tweak something. They want it bigger, smaller, taller, wider, or with different materials or finishes. Some Lighting Manufacturers won’t customize their designs – but we do!! Collaboration and creative new ideas from talented Designers make products better. Best of all, they give us their ideas for free!
A perfect example of this is illustrated by the fixture pictured here. It was inspired by our Stix Ceiling Mount fixture. The Architect, Jeff Lamb, wanted Glass Stix suspended from the polished stainless steel mounting plate to form a loose bowl configuration. This required some redesigning on our part, but his bright idea resulted in a really gorgeous fixture – don’t you think?