This LED Decorative Sconce is an Award Winner!!!

In March 2011, Architectural SSL Magazine selected the Palisade LED sconce by Charles Loomis, Inc. to receive their highest honor – the Platinum Award for the best Decorative LED Lighting Fixture. The Pia’11 Award is a huge tribute for all companies involved with Solid State Lighting. We are well known for designing and manufacturing decorative light fixtures. This award demonstrates that LED light sources are not just bright and energy efficient – they can be beautiful too. PALISADE S15 LED SCONCE
The scope of the contest was international, and its fifteen judges are respected experts in Solid State Components, Lighting, and Design. Jim Crockett, the Editor of Architectural SSL Magazine stated the Pia’11 Award’s mission was to “sort out the products that show the greatest promise across a wide field of functions.”
We aren’t a newcomer to LED technology. Years ago, when Color Kinetics first introduced color changing LEDs, Charles Loomis, took a huge risk and incorporated them into his revolutionary design for the Sheraton Seattle’s ballroom fixtures. They still look fantastic today. In ensuing years, LED’s went through an insanely dysfunctional period of growth and uncertainty. Chip manufacturers churned out LEDs that weren’t suitable for use in decorative lighting fixtures. They were untrustworthy, and visually unattractive. During this period, Charles Loomis, Inc., steered clear of LED technology for these reasons and because there was no guarantee replacements would be available when or if the lamps failed.
Good news!!! LEDs are finally “looking good” and are much more reliable. Reputable component manufacturers offer attractive standardized options and clear specifications have been established. Barriers to creating new designs for Decorative Lighting still exist. The cost to UL or ETL list a new LED sconce is ranges from $6,900.00 to $12,000.00, the components are expensive, and there are still lots of inferior products on the market. Despite these obstacles, Charles Loomis, believes LEDs have surmounted the “ugly” barrier and will become standard in our lives.
In 2008 and 2009 Charles used LEDs to illuminate lighting fixtures for two major installations. He created massive glass chandeliers for the Bellevue Hyatt Regency and a gorgeous free-form glass chandelier for the entry to the Bravern in Bellevue, Washington. You can’t tell they are illuminated with LEDs, but the people that own and maintain them are saving lots of money.

  • Architectural SSL Magazine’s pia’11 award is validation that Charles Loomis, Inc. is a serious contender in the LED arena. It also confirms Charles Loomis’ belief that LEDs can now be used as a viable alternative to incandescent lamps in Decorative Lighting. Woo hoo!