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Office Redevelopment Winner!

Monday, March 9th, 2015

Skyline Tower - Bellevue, WA

Skyline Tower – Bellevue, WA

Charles Loomis Lighting designed & manufactured large free-form Red Tube Hanging Sculptures for Gensler’s Skyline Tower Remodel in Bellevue,Washington.
The project was NAIOP’s Night of the 2014 Stars Competition winner. The sculptures were challenging because they were large, required assembling in sections, and the budget was exceptionally tight.
Upon completion, Gensler was pleased with the sculptures, and the project owners loved the fresh contemporary upgrade. Everyone was a Winner!
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Sparkle Plenty!

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

It’s been awhile since my last blog! I got caught up in everyday stuff and kept putting off writing. I’m back with lots to say and show you. The holidays are coming and winter weather is settling in. Now that the elections are over, along with all those annoying ads and phone calls, I am digging in and getting back to business. Here are photos of our latest fixture. It is a customized version of our Stix Ceiling Mount. It’s pretty spectacular at almost 12 feet tall – don’t you think?! Three MR11 lamps create a soft pattern of light on the floor that to me resembles a squished snowflake. The most amazing thing about this fixture is the prismatic colors that reflect off the glass as well as the brilliant points of light captured within. Enjoy!

Nuts about NeoCon 2010

Friday, July 9th, 2010

I visited Chicago, NeoCon, and the Bright Showroom for the first time in June – WOW!. NeoCon is an annual extravaganza staged to introduce new commercial products such as chairs, office systems, flooring, and lighting. It is held in Chicago’s magnificent Art Deco Merchandise Mart. Thousands of Designers, Architects, and “Lookie Lous” attend. The only drawback to this event is the building’s wacko elevators. Some work and some don’t and it’s a celebration when one appears.
The showrooms were gorgeous as were the attendees. Everyone out there in cyberland should know that American companies are producing beautiful quality products worth saving for and buying.
Charles Loomis, Cindy Bullard, and I went to NeoCon to represent our company in the Bright Group’s Showroom. Our lighting is installed in their fresh modern Chicago, New York, Boston, and Dallas Showrooms. Their company name, “The Bright Group”, describes their employees to a tee – they are bright and engaging. If you are looking for quality contemporary furniture – check them out – their products are fabulous. Here are photos we took of the Bright Group team and the Chicago showroom with our lighting fixtures — of course.

  • Kim Selent – Inside Residential Sales (top left), Julie Turner – Outside Sales with Ben Ward – Intern (middle left), Katie Butry & Nancy Greiger – Regional Manager (middle right), Doug Levine – Showroom & Furniture Designer (bottom right)

  • On our last day, we had the pleasure of exploring downtown Chicago. It was raining, hot, and steamy. We got drenched! One could say we literally and physically immersed ourselves in Chicago. We sampled its famous foods, met its friendly people, ogled the dead fish in Lake Michigan, and had a great time. I hope you enjoy our pictures – Chicago’s Millennium Park is wonderful and so is Gino’s Pizza. Cindy Bullard, our National Sales Representative, is smiling because she loves the humidity.

  • Brown Poodle – Makes Light Work

    Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

    When you’re a part of the design world you can become a bit stuffy and self-important – it just happens. Working with high-profile people on grand projects is pretty heady stuff. A gentle, scruffy, super soft, amiable, brown standard poodle brings us back to earth. Ziggy’s arrival was unexpected and initially frowned upon. One day we came work to find a brown fur ball peering at us from under an employee’s desk. His stay was “temporary” but he soon earned a place in our hearts and our company. Ziggy has a special relationship with each of us. He makes his daily rounds. People once afraid of dogs dress him up, play tug-of-war, and take him for walks. He cavorts with people in the shop until they shut him in the office. He is an unabashed thief that regularly swipes lunches, and snacks from distracted employees. Ziggy’s goofy personality makes us laugh and eases tension and stress brought on by the tough economy. He knows who needs him and shares his love with all of us. We design and manufacture lighting fixtures – Ziggy lights up our lives.

    "Everyday Pieces With Edge"

    Thursday, January 21st, 2010

    Our Stix Pendant is an Editor’s Pick featured in D Home Magazine in Dallas, TX! It looks nice with the furniture don’t you think? Here’s a link……
    Published 1.12.2010 From D Home JAN-FEB 2010